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Gain valuable insights from FHIR bundles

Gleaning meaningful insights from healthcare data can be a complex process. By automatically computing a collection of derived data elements, you can turn data from a FHIR bundle into the insight you need. Advanced calculations can produce measures like:

radiant risk

Risk strata

Computes an HCC Risk Adjustment Profile and monthly risk scores for a patient.

radiant star

Condition profile

Produces a core condition profile of diagnoses or health issues that are concerning for a patient.

radiant plus sign

Gaps in care

Determines gaps in a patient’s care based on the results of quality measures.

Why use CareEvolution’s Insight?

  • Automated

    The Insight API automatically computes derived data elements from your FHIR bundles.

  • Supported by Convert

    First translate your data into a FHIR bundle using the Convert API.

  • Cloud native

    The Insight API has modern, cloud native architecture.

  • Proven

    Insight has been developed and refined by CareEvolution over the past 15+ years.

Insight experience

  • 15+ Years experience with healthcare data insights
  • 200M+ Lives

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations

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