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Launch a trial in hours.

Configure and release your trial with a no-code, REDCap-integrated survey builder that lets you select from a library of validated instruments and incorporates NIH common data elements.

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Recruit anyone, anywhere.

Digital recruitment and data capture removes geographical barriers and time limitations, making your trial more accessible to more diverse populations.

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Retain more participants.

Schedule engaging and real-time notifications, including nudges based on your participants’ wearable data, including heart rate, physical activity, mood, and more.

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Get a complete picture.

Combine novel, real-world participant health data from wearables and devices with EHR data and EMAs for a more robust longitudinal record of each participant.

See it in action.

Asthma Digital Study

Asthma Digital Study uses digital biomarkers to monitor and send nudges and other personalized messages to engage 900 asthma sufferers over a two-year study.

Data collected.

Daily survey and passive monitoring by Apple Watch and Beddit sleep monitor.

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Scripps DETECT

Scripps used MyDataHelps to collect and analyze wearable health data to gain insights into early detection for COVID-19 and other viral illnesses.


MyDataHelps enabled a 2-week lead time to the ITAP study launch, which supports OTC COVID-19 test applications for FDA approval.

NIH’s All of Us

MyDataHelps helps the NIH reach underrepresented populations and capture longitudinal data to advance precision health and bridge the healthcare divide.


The SAFER-COVID platform—supported in part with funding from the National Institutes of Health and backed by the latest available research from the NIH, CDC, and others—powers a suite of science-based tools to help you manage risks from COVID-19.

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For researchers.

MyDataHelps is a no-code way to build robust digital clinical trials, research, and therapeutics.

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  1. Sign up.

    Start your first project on the self-serve MyDataHelps Designer with free access for up to 100 participants.

  2. Choose your data types.

    Select from the survey library or create your own clinical outcome assessments (eCOA: ePROs, clinROs, perfOs) and set custom delivery schedules. Enable wearable/device, EHR, and claims data collection.

  3. Recruit anywhere, anytime.

    Reach participants wherever they are with email, SMS, QR code, and in-person. Collect eConsent instantly with eSignatures.

  4. Engage and retain.

    Schedule SMS, email, or push notifications. And provide rewards like eGiftCards, deliver educational resources, and return results.

  5. Monitor and intervene.

    Use remote monitoring to collect time-sensitive biomarker data and provide just-in-time interventions.

  6. Export and analyze.

    MyDataHelps exports your data to your cloud or SFTP server in CSV, JSON, or Parquet format.

For developers

  • Customize MyDataHelps.

    MyDataHelps SDKs and APIs let you customize and expand the pre-built MyDataHelps app to fit your specific research needs. Use them to build custom surveys, guide participants through workflows, or return results.

  • Already have an app? No problem.

    You can also use these APIs and SDKs to integrate different MyDataHelps features—surveys, notifications, device data, and EHR connections—directly into your own web or mobile experience.

MyDataHelps Designer lets you build robust digital clinical trials with real-world data

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