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Distribute devices and facilitate remote sample collection, meeting participants where they are.

Collecting biosamples and distributing study-provided devices are common components of clinical trials and research that traditionally require participants to travel for an in-person clinic visit. Kitting and fulfillment facilitated by digital clinical trial and research (DCTR) technology allows for remote collection of participant samples and distribution of devices outside an in-person study visit.

  • Increase participant pool.

    Up to 70% of potential participants live at least two hours away from their nearest study site. By enabling remote sample collection, DCTR technology can greatly expand a study’s reach and diversify the participant population.

  • Lower-cost facilities.

    Remote distribution of devices and sample collection through lower-cost facilities or at-home kits (e.g., saliva kits, COVID-19 antigen tests) can reduce study costs by limiting the overhead and infrastructure required to execute study protocol.

  • Reduce launch planning and coordination.

    By utilizing DCTR technology to coordinate distribution of study materials and sample collection, there is less complexity, planning, and management required by the study team to launch and run the study.

Case Study

PRediction Of Glycemic RESponse Study (PROGRESS)

The Scripps Research Digital Trials Center’s PRediction Of Glycemic RESponse Study (PROGRESS) utilizes CareEvolution’s MyDataHelps™ DCTR platform to facilitate kitting and fulfillment and integrate the resulting data into the study, which aims to understand metabolic health and diseases like type 2 diabetes. Within MyDataHelps™, participants automatically trigger fulfillment of two kits, one after the other, through completion of a Biokit Ordering survey and Glucokit Ordering survey, respectively. In collaboration with a shipping logistics partner, kits are delivered to the participant’s home and instructional surveys for sample collection and glucose monitoring are then released through MyDataHelps™. Study coordinators can monitor when the kits are received and samples are collected. Automated reminders are also configured to send to eligible participants if kits have not been ordered or received. Likewise, there are tracking and reminders in place to determine if samples have been returned and/or glucose monitoring initiated. These steps in the protocol are also integrated with an automated rewards system to encourage compliance and retention.

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MyDataHelps™ kitting experience

  • 5K+ Fitbits distributed and connected
  • 20M COVID-19 tests distributed

Why use MyDataHelps™ for kitting and fulfillment?

CareEvolution has established partnerships with a number of organizations that enable kitting and fulfillment, using the MyDataHelps™ DCTR platform to trigger fulfillment workflows and provide supporting materials to participants upon receipt of their kit.

  • Process automation.

    The MyDataHelps™ advanced rules engine can be used to automate the order and delivery process. Upon completion of a study task, the order form can be automatically delivered to the participant. Submission of the order form then initiates the fulfillment process. If appropriate, automated reminders can also be generated to encourage sample and data collection.

  • Fitbit direct fulfillment.

    The Fitbit Dropship API helps study teams streamline device distribution to study participants through integrating Fitbit and CareEvolution. Using this API, along with device parameters determined by the study team, CareEvolution collects device ordering data from participants and shares those data with Fitbit. Fitbit then oversees shipping devices directly to study participants and returns ordering details back to CareEvolution.

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  • Fulfillment status and sample collection tracking.

    Quickly determine when participants are ready for the next step in a study by monitoring package tracking status, participant reports of materials received, and completion of sample collection—all within MyDataHelps™.

Unlock the full potential of kitting/fulfillment as part of a flexible suite of MyDataHelps™ digital clinical trial tools.

MyDataHelps™ is a digital clinical trial and research platform, powered by CareEvolution. Select the data and modules you need to quickly launch your next clinical trial or research project, hybrid or decentralized, with no coding required.

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