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Participants, QR codes, and video enrollment optionsThe MyDataHelps™ consent builder is fully customizable to support your project’s needs. While the default use case involves a standard eligibility assessment and eConsent module, MyDataHelps™ can be used to facilitate advanced workflows like precision recruitment, waitlists, and more.

Explore the following examples to get an idea of the various enrollment configurations possible with MyDataHelps™ . As you identify which model may work best for you, utilize the Survey Store within the platform to import templates and examples directly into your project.

MyDataHelps™ increases access to participants and streamlines the onboarding process. Through a variety of off the shelf visualization options and open-source visualization libraries, the platform guides you through the process of preparing your study for launch within weeks.

If you have any questions, we are here to bring your projects to life. Contact us anytime.

Invitation Mechanisms | Precision Recruitment | eConsent

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Invitation Mechanisms

Managing availability of your project can be tricky. Some projects require very limited access to only whitelisted participants, while others are open to anybody who finds it. MyDataHelps™ supports various models to meet your specific study needs. 

Open Enrollment
Create an open project that anyone can assess eligibility for. Choose to list your project in the open and available projects section in the MyDataHelps™ app.
MDH project
List your study on the MyDataHelps app as available to all MyDataHelps users
QR Code
Distribute a QR code for easy access to your study. Choose to pair study access with a whitelist to control who exactly is able to use the QR code.
itap invitation
ITAP study invitation flyer
Bulk Upload Whitelist
Support invitation-only access to your study through a bulk import of users through CSV upload.
bulk upload
Appless Registration
Leverage the MyDataHelps™ platform outside of the MyDataHelps™ app using the MyDataHelps™ JavaScript SDK and MyDataHelps™ Embeddables.
appless registration screens
Launch eConsent directly from your application

Precision Recruitment

MyDataHelps™ offers implementation of granular filtering and logic rules that can be used to build highly curated dynamic experiences for subsets of your user base.

Participant Waitlists
Offer a pre-launch registration process for your study to generate interest before you launch. After constructing a list of interested participants, target enrollment of specific sub-populations to meet enrollment targets.
consent screens Return to school screens
Waitlist through the MyDataHelps™ App Waitlist on your study website
Optimized Screening
Project teams can respond to real life recruiting observations post-launch by creating “second level” screening criteria that can be optimized algorithmically in real-time. With these novel eligibility levels, target specific groups to balance user diversity and reach specific geographies.
eConsent screens
Algorithmic screening criteria leverages COVID-19 history and geography to further segment population


We know that eConsent can be challenging and complex. MyDataHelps offers a variety of mechanisms to support your needs whether you are enrolling speciality user segments or across multiple sites.

Standard eConsent Template
When you create a study, the standard eConsent template is pre-loaded in your project. Loading in language from your consent documentation and additional information about your study takes just minutes.

When you create a study, the default consent template is pre-loaded for your project. Loading in your consent document and adding information about your study just takes minutes.

Study Intro screen Assessment screen eConsent signature screens
Study Introduction Eligibility Assessment eConsent w/Signature
Dynamic eConsent
The MyDataHelps™ survey builder allows you to configure branching logic in just a few clicks, enabling you to build unique eConsent experiences, like minor enrollment, for your users.
eConsent screen flow
Utilize branching logic to support minor enrollment
Multi-Site eConsent
Multi-site studies are supported and easily configurable in MyDataHelps™. Multiple consent documents can be triggered by conditional logic.
eConsent screen eConsent screens
Identify a Participant’s Site Route them to the correct consent document for their site using navigation logic
Supporting Regulatory Requirements
To help you comply with all your legal requirements, MyDataHelps™ can deliver any documents to a participant that may be needed to join your study. Multiple documents are also supported.
eConsent screens