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Different healthcare providers, systems, or applications often use incompatible formats for effective interoperability. Converting between formats streamlines the process of data exchange, integration, and aggregation in the healthcare ecosystem. Some of the most useful conversions include:

radiant combine

HL7 to FHIR (R4)

Converts one or more HL7v2 messages into a FHIR R4 bundle.

radiant combine

CDA to FHIR (R4)

Converts a CDA document into a FHIR R4 bundle.

radiant combine

FHIR (R4) to CDA

Converts a FHIR R4 bundle into a CDA document.

radiant combine


Converts a FHIR R4 bundle into the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model format. OMOP is useful for any application that prefers tabular data (e.g., separate, linked data tables) over nested FHIR JSON/XML format.

radiant bundle

Combining FHIR (R4) bundles

Aggregates FHIR resources from multiple FHIR R4 bundles from the same patient into a single bundle.

Why use CareEvolution’s Convert?

  • Proven

    Convert is based on technology developed and refined by CareEvolution over the past 15+ years.

  • More than just a transformation

    The Convert API parses the input, organizes it into data types, standardizes source codings as appropriate, and then outputs it in your desired format.

  • Cloud native

    The Convert API has modern, stateless, cloud native architecture.

Convert experience

  • 15+ Years experience with healthcare data formats
  • 200M+ Lives

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