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DashboardsDigital clinical trial and research technology (DCTR) offers the opportunity to decentralize study designs, enabling low-friction participant experiences, collection of novel datatypes for unique analysis, and interaction with participants in a way never before possible. Without in-person interactions, digital communication and messaging to the participant become key to a project’s success.

This library focuses on the participant’s “home page”. Not only is this a place to manage communications and tasks for the participant, but it can be used in creative ways to drive engagement and improve the project’s value proposition to participants.

Explore the following examples to get an idea of what’s possible with DCTR and kickstart your brainstorming about how these concepts can be applied to your study.

MyDataHelps™ makes building your participant experience easy. Through a variety of off the shelf visualization options and open-source visualization libraries, the platform guides you through the process of preparing your study for launch within weeks.

If you have any questions, we are here to bring your projects to life. Contact us anytime.

Built-in Views | Custom View Examples

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Built-in Views

In just a few clicks, you can set up a custom experience with MyDataHelps™ built-in  views. Pick and choose from the following dynamic views to construct your desired user experience. 

Home View Survey Tasks View Device Data View Notifications View
Home View Survey tasks screen Device data screen Notifications screen
Provide an overall view of updates, pending tasks, data, and support. Collect patient-reported outcomes and increase study engagement through surveys. Return data from Fitbit, Apple Health, or Google Fit. Provide a history of notifications that have been sent to the participant.

Custom View Examples

Powered By MyDataHelps™ JS SDK

Some projects may require more specialization and customization of the user experience. Use MyDataHelps custom views to make your experience look exactly the way you want it. These views are essentially  web apps that your team builds. WIth custom views, you can choose to integrate your project within the MyDataHelps App or integrate MyDataHelps into your existing application as a MyDataHelps Embeddable.

The MyDataHelpsStarterKit React web application template or MyDataHelpsUI React component library are also available to accelerate your development of MyDataHelps™ custom views.

Clinical Trials and Research
Collect novel data artifacts and engage with participants in dynamic ways using MyDataHelps. Unique return of results, rewards systems, and milestone based achievement are great ways to increase engagement in your clinical research applications.
Visualizations to correlate participant-reported mood with activity provide insights that help spark behavior adjustments. View full case study >
Visualizations to correlate participant-reported mood with activity provide insights that help spark behavior adjustments. View full case study >
PROGRESS screens PROMPT screens
A cohort based competition model encourages participants to be more active.
Parkinson’s Study
Use a wearable device (e.g., Apple Watch) to receive nudges and track symptoms throughout the day with temporal visualizations.
INTERN screens Parkinson's study screens
eFHS (Framingham Heart Study)
A return of results dashboard displaying device data informs participants about their health. View full case study >
eFHS screens
Digital Therapeutics
Utilize adaptive notification interventions and personalized messaging to engage, monitor, and intervene with users.
Valentine Study
Use dynamic goal setting and adaptive notifications to promote healthy rehab practices post myocardial event.
Symptom Shark
Keep a symptom and treatment diary for self-selected symptom and correlate behavioral changes with biomarker data.
Parkinson's study screens symptom shark screens
Healthy @ Home
Monitor daily COPD activity, provide resources for improvement, and create a central hub for relevant data.
Asthma Digital Study
Create a central hub for tracking symptoms, providing alert interventions, and surfacing resources for managing asthma.
healthyathome screens asthma digital study screens
Public Health Initiatives
Both these projects utilized MyDataHelps Embeddables to build tools that enable local and national public health departments to deploy resources more efficiently.
Return To School
Provide tools to assist in management of COVID-19 close contact reporting, school/daycare testing requirements, and covid test kit distribution.
Test to Treat
Administer antiviral therapy to residents virtually using complex rules engine.
Return to school screens Test to treat screens