Explore the possibilities for taking your clinical trials, research studies, electronic data capture and wearables to the next level with MyDataHelps™.

Welcome to the MyDataHelps™ Project Example Library. This resource serves to highlight the possibilities enabled by digital platforms like MyDataHelps and help you identify how you could use a digital platform to advance your health application.

MyDataHelps™ makes building your digital health application easy. The platform was built with modularity, flexibility, and customer empowerment at the forefront of its design. Explore the libraries below to get a glimpse of how real projects are leveraging MyDataHelps to build innovative clinical trials, digital therapeutics, and public health applications.

If you have any questions, we are here to bring your projects to life, anytime.


Onboarding users to your health applications is a complex task. MyDatahelps™ simplifies the process of discovering and enrolling in your projects by supporting a variety of enrollment mechanisms.


Explore many real participant visualizations being used in MyDataHelps™ projects today across a variety of different applications. Defining a “home page” for your project is key to driving engagement and adherence.