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Participant engagement and retention in patient-centric digital clinical trials and research.

Using participant engagement and retention to reduce attrition rates and increase data completeness can significantly improve the success of clinical trials and research. Conventional studies have an attrition rate of around 30%, which results in longer trial timelines, higher costs, and greater staff burden. A lack of participant engagement also yields incomplete datasets that complicate data analysis. Together, these issues may ultimately result in underpowered studies that are unable to demonstrate endpoint impacts.

Digital clinical trial and research (DCTR) technology can improve participant engagement and retention practices by:

  • Improving the participant experience.

    DCTR platforms remove geographic barriers to participation, which expands the reach of a study to more diverse populations and allows participants to complete study tasks on their own time and at their own pace.

  • Increasing adherence to study protocol.

    Automated electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) / survey delivery and personalized participant reminders increase adherence.

  • Collecting complete real-world data.

    DCTR technology can integrate data from a variety of sources, including wearable devices, ePROs, electronic health records, and more. This results in datasets with complete real-world data.

  • Measuring behavior change.

    Digital interventions delivered through automated, individualized notifications can influence participant behavior.

Case Study

Michigan Predictive Activity and Clinical Trajectories (MIPACT) Study

The Michigan Predictive Activity and Clinical Trajectories (MIPACT) study uses the MyDataHelps™ digital clinical trial and research platform to understand the relationship between sensory data and various health outcomes. To achieve this, MIPACT participants progress through a demanding protocol—taking 2 sets of 2 blood pressures, wearing an Apple Watch for 12 hours, completing 2 “Breathe” sessions, and providing electronic patient-reported outcomes every day—to produce a robust data set that is integrated with electronic health records and genetic information. MyDataHelps™ sophisticated scheduling module automates participant reminders throughout the study period, resulting in a 98.3% adherence rate in phase I of the study.

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MIPACT survey screen

MyDataHelps engagement and retention experience.

  • ↑98% Adherence

Why use MyDataHelps™ for participant engagement and retention?

  • Personalized participant dashboards and rewards.

    Provide value to your participants with individualized dashboards and rewards that automatically trigger when a participant meets a designated threshold of activity.

  • Just-in-time adaptive interventions.

    Individualized notifications can be automatically delivered based on participant behavior, including physical activity, heart rate, and more.

  • Risk-based monitoring.

    Utilize administrative dashboards to monitor participants in real time and automate notifications to coordinators when participants meet specific criteria, such as increased risk for adverse effects.

  • A/B testing functionality.

    Learn what kind of messages and activities your participants respond well to with a randomization tool that enables A/B testing.

  • Robust automation engine.

    Save your staff time on participant follow up with a robust rules engine that can automate participant nudges and survey delivery based on a number of characteristics, including status or study milestone, survey completion, wearable device synchronization, and more.

Unlock the full potential of participant engagement and retention as part of a flexible suite of MyDataHelps™ digital clinical trial tools.

MyDataHelps™ is a digital clinical trial and research platform, powered by CareEvolution. Select the data and modules you need to quickly launch your next clinical trial or research project, hybrid or decentralized, with no coding required.

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