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Easily incorporate EHR and claims data in patient-centric clinical trials and research.

Electronic health records (EHR) and claims provide a depth of real-world data that enhances the power of digital clinical trials and research.

In patient-centric clinical trials and research, participants can choose to share EHR and claims data, including:

  • Diagnoses

  • Medications

  • Labs

  • Observations

  • Family Health

  • Encounters

  • Procedures

  • Vitals

  • Notes

  • Utilization

  • Immunizations

  • Care Plans

Case Study

All of Us Research Program

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) All of Us Research Program leverages CareEvolution’s MyDataHelps™ digital clinical trial and research platform to add a “direct volunteer” participant experience for people recruited outside of a provider’s office. This allows anyone to enroll in All of Us from virtually anywhere using a white label version of the MyDataHelps™ app. Direct volunteers are able to share EHR data with the program without expensive integration with a healthcare provider organization. Where traditionally there would be no EHR data collected for these completely-virtual patients, MyDataHelps™ has enabled connections to over 1,000 distinct provider data sources. This is particularly remarkable having been achieved without requiring incentives and only through automated reminders for participants to elect to share their data.

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All of Us data tab screen

MyDataHelps™ EHR and claims experience

  • 75B EHR and claims data elements processed
  • >85% Of all US healthcare delivered annually

No data left behind

CareEvolution’s platform can reach over 85% of all U.S. healthcare delivered annually. Connect to EHR data from over 1.5 million providers and nearly all the leading national and regional health plans. See which providers across the nation you can connect to with CareEvolution.

Why use MyDataHelps™ to collect EHR and claims data?

  • Patient-centric.

    Data sharing is participant-mediated, which does not require a formal relationship or contract with the provider. Patients are also able to view their data in our app, thereby doubling as a personal health record.

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  • Anyone, anywhere.

    Meet participants where they are. With multi-platform (Apple, Android, Web) capabilities, participants can share their data from their personal devices from virtually anywhere.

  • At scale.

    Participant-mediated exchange allows EHR and claims data sharing to scale easily without requiring any new contracts or relationships with the participants’ providers.

  • Data enhancements.

    Raw data is enhanced to support research use cases through:

    • Standardization of participant data mapping highly variable source data to common code systems; LOINC for labs and vitals/measurements, SNOMED and ICD10 for conditions/diagnoses, SNOMED and HCPCS for procedures, RxNorm for medications
    • Data normalization syntactic normalization into the common data model
    • Record linking matching participants to their EHR data

Unlock the full potential of EHR and claims data as part of a flexible suite of MyDataHelps™ digital clinical trial tools.

MyDataHelps™ is a digital clinical trial and research platform, powered by CareEvolution. Select the data and modules you need to quickly launch your next clinical trial or research project, hybrid or decentralized, with no coding required.

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