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Collect real-world, novel participant data through wearable devices.

Digital biomarkers collected from commercially available wearable devices, including heart rate, physical activity, and sleep data, are important indicators of disease status and overall health.

These data can add significant value to digital clinical trials and research by contributing to a more real time understanding of the participant’s condition or their digital phenotype. When these digital phenotypes are available through digital clinical trial and research platforms, studies can track changes on a daily basis.

  • Daily digital biomarkers.

    Easily detect daily changes in participant health status as they go about their normal lives.

  • Pervasive and easy-to-use.

    30% of Americans already use wearable technology. This familiarity with wearables not only reduces costs required for device distribution using a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model, but it also increases participant compliance.

  • Research novel questions.

    Digital phenotypes and digital endpoints derived from wearable devices provide the ability to execute research projects around previously untestable hypotheses.

Case study

PRediction Of Glycemic RESponse Study (PROGRESS)

The Scripps Research Digital Trials Center’s PRediction Of Glycemic RESponse Study (PROGRESS) uses the MyDataHelps™ platform to understand metabolic health and diseases like type 2 diabetes. As part of the study, participants connect wearable devices—Fitbit and Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor—to MyDataHelps™ for a 10-day study period. The data collected through these devices are continuously integrated with survey data within the MyDataHelps™ app and the information is returned to participants through a personalized dashboard.

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Phone wearable device data

MyDataHelps™ wearables experience.

  • 200K Wearables / devices connected

Why collect wearable device data with MyDataHelps™?

  • Device compatibility.

    MyDataHelps™ easily connects to Fitbit and any device compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit (e.g., Omron blood pressure cuffs, Withings scales).

  • Patient-centric data sharing.

    Participants can choose what data to share with a study through an easy-to-use interface.

  • Speed and simplicity of device connection.

    Device connection can be enabled quickly through checkboxes within project settings, and participants can allow a study access to their data in just minutes.

Unlock the full potential of device data as part of a flexible suite of MyDataHelps™ digital clinical trial tools.

MyDataHelps™ is a digital clinical trial and research platform, powered by CareEvolution. Select the data and modules you need to quickly launch your next clinical trial or research project, hybrid or decentralized, with no coding required.

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