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Stores and performs match operations with irreversible hashes of the original values.


Matching logic based on mature, complex set of algorithms developed and refined by CareEvolution® over the past 15+ years.


Find all records for the same individual from your own source system(s) or partner institutions.

  • Fully automated, real-time patient matching

  • Modern, cloud native architecture

  • Easy to integrate REST API

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations

How it works — simple matching example

Matching Diagram

Record Linking

The BMPI performs this matching process for all demographic fields to determine which records belong to the same individual. It minimizes false positives by only linking records when there is high confidence of a match.


Before storing a record, the BMPI performs an irreversible hash operation on the demographic data. The BMPI only stores and performs match operations with the hashed values, not the original values. This is the “blinded” nature of the BMPI.

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