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Launch a Mobile-Enabled Research Study in Hours

Create and deliver surveys, collect sensor data, and retrieve EMR data from your participants—with no programming or software development expertise required.

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How It Works

Researchers use RKStudio to create surveys using the point-and-click survey designer, set up a schedule for survey delivery, and select which types of sensor data to collect.

Participants use the MyDataHelps™ mobile app to join studies, respond to surveys, and share their sensor and EMR data with researchers.

Data is securely stored in the HIPAA compliant, Meaningful Use Certified HIEBus™ platform, and is then exported to researchers in an easy-to-use format, allowing scientists to focus on science.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly Create Surveys

RKStudio Designer™ is a robust point-and-click editor that allows you to rapidly create ResearchKit surveys without using Xcode or programming tools.


  • Most ResearchKit steps and answer formats.
  • Active Tasks collect accelerometer, pedometer, and device motion data—and more.
  • Body site maps and embeddable custom HTML.
  • Complex navigation/branching logic.
  • Customizable visual consent and consent signature collection.
  • Ability to import and share surveys with other organizations through the RKStudio Survey Store™.
Build Research Studies

RKStudio Study Administrator™ makes it easy to schedule surveys, configure sensor data collection, and view a real-time dashboard of participant engagement. The combination of RKStudio Analytics™ and RKStudio Study Administrator enables real-time participant-specific reminders and notifications that help maximize study engagement and participation.


  • Scheduled delivery of surveys to participants.
  • Scheduled delivery based on custom anchor dates (e.g., surgery date or discharge date).
  • Ability to choose from more than 80 different data types to collect data from HealthKit and Apple Location Services.
  • Flexible enrollment—support for “open” or “closed” (invite-only) studies.
  • Real-time display of participant-submitted survey and sensor data.
  • Sophisticated, configurable rules engine powers survey scheduling and notifications.
  • Usage analytics and reports allow researchers to monitor progress throughout the study.
Connect with Participants

After a study launches, participants download the MyDataHelps app (available on iOS, Android and web) to track activity, collect and share device data, connect to and retrieve EMR data using FHIR, and respond to surveys. No app store submission process is necessary—the app is entirely data-driven so you can deliver new surveys to participants in real-time.


  • Enables participants to enroll and participate in multiple studies—without having to download an app for each study.
  • Downloading and sharing EMR records with researchers via SMART on FHIR industry standard secure communication protocols.
  • Dashboards provide dynamic feedback to participants based on their submitted data.
  • Full e-consent before a participant can join a study.
  • Sharing of sensor and location data.
Your Data Is in Good Hands

RKStudio is built on top of the CareEvolution HIEBus platform, which has been securely handling protected health information (PHI) for over 15 years for hospitals, insurance companies, and other organizations. HIEBus is HIPAA compliant and Meaningful Use Certified. Role-based access control ensures that participant data is only exposed to individuals with the appropriate permissions.