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MyDataHelps How-To

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Maximize your research potential: how to integrate your REDCap projects with MyDataHelps™

Watch our previously recorded live session where you will learn how to:

  1. Create a more engaging participant experience with MyDataHelps UI to improve data collection and study adherence
  2. Enhance your data set with wearable and sensor data and electronic health records
  3. Import existing REDCap surveys without the need to build a new survey in MyDataHelps, and
  4. Seamlessly transfer survey results data to REDCap from MyDataHelps

The CareEvolution team is hosting live webinar sessions focused on using the MyDataHelps Designer platform.

The goal of the MyDataHelps™ How-To series is to help our users succeed while introducing features and functionality. We will do a deep dive into the most common use cases, share solutions to frequently asked questions, and set our users up for success in using our platform.