Safe Release from Isolation

The SAFER-COVID™ self assessment tool helps you make decisions about when, if, and how to safely return to regular daily activities such as work and other social interactions. None of us want to knowingly spread this dangerous virus to our loved ones, colleagues at work, or across our community.

This tool, available through our MyDataHelps™ App, leverages the available research from the CDC, NIH, and others to provide guidance on what steps you can take to be more confident that you are not infectious to others. Second, by sharing a brief health history with SAFER-COVID, you can learn if you are at higher risk of suffering a bad outcome if you contracted this virus. Finally, at your discretion, you may elect to share a summary of your self-assessment and digital symptom diary with others. For example, your employer may request that you take your temperature daily and track your own symptoms.

Currently, SAFER-COVID is available on an invitation-only basis to select Health System essential workers.

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Your Data Is in Good Hands

SAFER-COVID comes to you from CareEvolution, trusted by the country’s leading hospital systems and health plans to manage data on over 130 million Americans just like you. Your privacy and security are critical. The MyDataHelps app stores data securely in our HIPAA-compliant cloud and we only share your records with people you trust and approve. Please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.