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Think you have high quality data?

Almost all C-CDAs contain uncoded or poorly coded data. Rosetta makes this information coherent & computable, while easily integrating into your solutions.

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By the numbers

How Rosetta can impact clinical data

“I receive C-CDAs, but do I have high quality data?”

“I have codes in my data, but they need to be standardized and classified to be used in analysis by data scientists.”

“I want to calculate risk scores based on data sourced from electronic medical records.”

Sample Rosetta Processing

See below how important patient health data is uplifted by Rosetta.

Rosetta API health data platform can unlock the value of your healthcare data assets

Convert format

HL7 to FHIR R4C-CDA to FHIR R4Combine R4 bundles.

Standardize terminology

Make sense of healthcarecodes and concepts. Map and classify inputs using standard code systems.

Generate insights

Compute advanced analytics including risk stratification, condition profiles, and gaps in care.

Real-world C-CDA problems

Applications and analytics require standardized data. Rosetta helps to overcome common data quality issues in clinical data.

Are my C-CDAs well-coded?

Try Rosetta for free using our API and interactive sandbox to see how your C-CDAs measure up.

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