Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is my health data secure?

myFHR comes to you from CareEvolution, trusted by the country’s leading hospital systems and health plans to manage data on over 130 million Americans just like you. Your privacy and security are critical. myFHR stores data securely in our HIPAA-compliant cloud and we only share your records with people you trust and approve.

Please review our myFHR Privacy and Use Policy.

What operating system or browser should I use for myFHR?

For Apple devices, myFHR is supported on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iPod touch running iOS 10.0 and higher.

For Android devices, myFHR requires Android version 6.0 or higher.

The web version of myFHR is supported in most modern web browsers (this does not include Internet Explorer), but works best in Google Chrome.

How do I get help with myFHR?

myFHR has a Contact Support option you can use to ask questions or offer feedback.

Importing Health Data from Providers and Health Plans

How do I add a provider?

Importing Electronic Health Records (EHR) data from each of your providers (including physicians, hospitals, and emergency departments) gives you access to all your health information in one place. Imported EHR data includes lab results, medications, allergies, reports, conditions, and procedures and services.

You can add a provider using either the “Me” or “More” tab. For detailed instructions, refer to Importing Data from a Provider or Health Plan.

What if my provider or health plan isn’t listed?

CareEvolution connects physicians, hospitals, emergency departments, and health plans that comply with the new regulations for standards based API access to myFHR as quickly as they are ready. However, not all providers or health plans and their EHR vendors have implemented the requisite standards-based API access at this time.

We encourage you to approach your provider or health plan to request that their EHR provider enables “SMART on FHIR” based API access so you may use apps like myFHR and Apple Health.

My health plan is with Anthem; why don’t I see Anthem on the list of providers?

If your health plan is with Anthem, you must select the Anthem option during registration to import your Anthem health data into myFHR. You will not be able to import your Anthem health data if you use one of the other registration options. If you did not originally register with your Anthem account and wish to see your Anthem health data (Anthem is the insurance company that reimburses your various providers such as your doctor), you will first need to cancel your current account and register a new account. Make sure to select the Anthem option when registering.

Why am I not seeing my latest health data?

For some providers or health plans, data is automatically updated in myFHR every seven days. You may choose to perform a manual update sooner.

For other providers and health plans, your access will expire after each update, so you will need to reconnect when you want to update your data.

Refer to Updating Your Data from a Provider or Health Plan for instructions for each update scenario.

My health data in myFHR is not accurate; how do I correct this?

After you connect to your provider or health plan account, your health data is imported directly from their system into myFHR. If you believe any of your data is in error, please contact your provider or health plan.

Sharing Data with Family and Friends

How do I share my data with a family member or friend?

myFHR allows you to share access to your health data with family and friends. Those that you have given access to will be able to use their myFHR app to view your health data such as lab results, current medications, and procedures and services. You can also request access to their health data. To set up data sharing, refer to When You Want to Share or Access Data.

How do I get access to a family member or friend’s data?

If a family member or friend asks to share their data with you and/or requests to access your data, you will receive email notification. For instructions about managing requests, refer to When Family or Friends Want to Share or Access Data.

I have an account, my spouse does not. How can I view my spouse’s health data?

If your spouse does not have an Anthem account and didn’t register for myFHR using the option, they can add the providers to their myFHR account that they have been using for medical care. You can then set up access to your spouse’s data.

How do I add my minor children to myFHR?

myFHR has a dual mandate:

  1. To allow each of us to have access to and control of our personal health data in a secure and private manner.
  2. To share our data with others if we choose to.

Balancing the need for privacy/security with data sharing under your control means that each individual needs to create their own myFHR account, link to their providers, and choose who they want to share their health data with.

Because most health providers do not currently allow minor children to link to their data, it is presently only possible to share data between adult members of your family. We understand how important it is to access health data for your entire family, and are working on expanding myFHR to allow you to access health data for your minor children. Please check back as new updates to myFHR become available in the app store, or in the web version of myFHR (

How do I revoke access to my data?

If you decide that you want to remove a family member or friend’s access to your health data, you can revoke their access. For detailed instructions, refer to Revoking Access to Data.

Using the “Me” and Timeline” Tabs

How do the “Me” and “Timeline” tabs differ?

Your imported health data displays on the “Me” tab. It can include lab results, medications, allergies, reports, conditions, and procedures and services.

If you have access to family and friends’ data, their health data will display along with yours on the “Timeline” tab.

While data on the “Me” tab is grouped by health data category (e.g., lab results or medications), health data on the “Timeline” is grouped by date. One date can include multiple categories.

Can I add or remove my own health data?

Imported health data that displays on the “Me” tab includes medications, allergies, and conditions. If you are taking medications or have allergies or conditions that are not included in your imported health data, you can add them. If you are no longer taking medications or do not have allergies or conditions that are included in your imported health data, you can remove them.

NOTE: You cannot currently add a medication when using an Android device.

For detailed instructions, refer to the Adding and Removing Medications, Allergies, and Conditions from the “Me” Tab article.

Managing Your Account

I forgot my password; what should I do?

Open the myFHR app, touch “Sign In,” and then on the resulting “Login” screen enter your email address (this is your username) and then touch “Forgot your password?” A message displays indicating that a password reset email has been sent to you. Follow the instructions in the email you receive to reset your password.

I’ve been locked out of myFHR due to too many failed log in attempts; what should I do?

If you see an error after trying multiple times to log in (either “Error: The username or password did not match” or “Error: An unexpected login error occurred”), wait 60 minutes and then reset your password as described in What if I forget my password? 

How do I update my profile information?

Your myFHR profile includes your name, gender, and date of birth. You can update each of these items. Refer to Updating Your Profile for detailed instructions.

How do I change my email address?

When registering for a myFHR account you are required to enter your email address. Your entered email address becomes your myFHR user name and is used by myFHR support to respond to your inquiries. You can update your email address if you entered an incorrect email address during registration, or if your email address has changed. For detailed instructions, refer to Updating Your Email Address.