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Unlocking value from diverse patient data sources

From chaos to clarity with the Convert API

The complexity of healthcare data management

In the realm of healthcare, managing data from multiple sources in various formats can be a daunting challenge. Extracting meaningful insights from a plethora of files and formats can be time-consuming and error-prone. This complexity can hinder efficient decision-making, especially for those dealing with data from large populations, such as for insurance use cases or population health management.

The complexity of managing data from multiple sources is driven by various factors, including:

  • Increasing availability or “data liquidity” from digitized claims and clinical sources,
  • Diverse data formats, like FHIR, HL7, C-CDA or OMOP, and
  • Data sources which are not optimized for high-quality downstream analytics.

In use cases where high-stakes decisions are involved, it’s essential to ensure that the data is reliable and easily accessible.

Going beyond conversion to enrichment

Merely converting data from one format to another, such as C-CDA to FHIR, falls short of fully addressing the complexities of healthcare data management. What is missing is the concept of enrichment. This involves not only the conversion but also the essential standardization of data into a consistent format and terminology. This enrichment process ensures that data is not only uniform and accessible, but also optimized for advanced analytics in the unique format and style desired, unlocking the full potential of insights within the diverse landscape of healthcare data.

CareEvolution’s Orchestrate technology stack, particularly the Convert API, plays a pivotal role in this process. It enables the quick extraction of specific data relevant to end users from potentially hundreds of files and documents. Just as cooking requires sourcing and preparing various ingredients, Convert provides a recipe to clean and enrich data, ensuring an efficient and cost-effective approach.

How the Convert API works

The Convert API is a versatile tool that extracts and transforms an array of data formats, converting between CDA, HL7, X12, FHIR, and OMOP. It addresses redundancies and quality issues, and aligns with established terminologies. It also allows for FHIR R4 outputs from multiple conversion operations to be provided as input into a combine operation to get to a single consolidated FHIR R4 bundle.

Convert API example 1: CDA to FHIR


Convert API example 2: multiple source format Inputs to FHIR bundles, combined into a single patient FHIR bundle converted to multiple outputs


Convert API example 3: multiple CDAs, to FHIR bundles, combined into a single FHIR bundle, converted to OMOP

CDA summary

CareEvolution’s clinical data quality assessment

To support high data quality standards, the Convert API includes a CDA diagnostic summary tool that analyzes procedures, conditions, medications, and labs, summarizing the coded and uncoded encounters. This tool empowers users to assess the need for data enrichment, providing valuable insights that guide decision-making.

With volume-based pricing associated with finding and processing only relevant documents, healthcare data managers can reduce data redundancy and streamline data retrieval and analysis.

Shaping a new era of informed healthcare solutions

With the Convert API, you can start uplifting your healthcare data immediately, with an average implementation timeline of just two weeks. This transformative tool enhances the ability to provide key stakeholders and consumers with dependable data in a format they prefer and understand best.

CareEvolution’s innovative technology harmonizes and unifies health data, giving users autonomy over real-world data, and empowering them to unearth fresh insights on their terms.

Try the Convert API and start uplifting your healthcare data today.

Up to 1,000 CDAs can be processed complimentary with a free trial account

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