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The increase in healthcare data liquidity and diverse data formats leads to great complexity when managing data from multiple sources. Extracting relevant information from a plethora of files and formats can be time-consuming and error-prone, while incomplete or inconsistent datasets hinder efficient decision-making. This is what makes our Convert API such a valuable data conversion and enrichment tool.

A lack of data quality assessment tools compounds the problem, leaving the true extent of data quality issues largely unknown. CDA (Clinical Data Architecture) and C-CDA (Consolidated CDA) documents are notoriously difficult to evaluate in aggregate, particularly with respect to coding of clinical encounters. Data managers today struggle to improve data quality without knowing what is missing in the first place. Data quality issues increase your IT cost of clinical data management and puts an unnecessary burden on organizational effectiveness. These cost and efficiency burdens affect any organization working with patient data.

To enable discovery of formatting issues, incomplete data, and uncoded concepts within clinical data sets, CareEvolution offers complimentary data quality diagnostics as part of its Orchestrate platform. Orchestrate ingests sample CDA files, analyzes procedures, conditions, medications and labs, and summarizes the coding, completeness, and other format issues so users can assess their need for enrichment. The CDA Diagnostic Summary can also be used to characterize the value offered by a software solution such as the Orchestrate Convert API.

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Anyone looking for CDA-to-FHIR conversion should consider assessing data quality first to uncover opportunities for data enrichment.

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