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Is fragmented healthcare data slowing you down?


Almost all C-CDAs contain uncoded or poorly coded data. Rosetta makes this information coherent & computable, while easily integrating into your solutions.

CareEvolution’s Rosetta API enables developers to author healthcare applications, ranging from consumer apps to population health analytics, without needing to worry about inconsistency or variance among data assets.

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The key that unlocks and secures patient data

The CareEvolution Indentiy Index is a solution that facilitates patient matching for national scale leading health plans and provider networks, managing 150M+ lives. Using Identity, you can integrate world-class patient matching into your solution, enabling privacy-preserving (blinded) patient matching across a spectrum of data sources and use cases.

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Real-world C-CDA problems

Applications and analytics require standardized data. Rosetta helps to overcome common data quality issues in clinical data.

Are my C-CDAs well-coded?

Try Rosetta for free using our API and interactive sandbox to see how your C-CDAs measure up.

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See how we can help you integrate world-class patient matching into your system.

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