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Ingestion and aggregation of raw data

Disparate, non-standard data from varied source systems, formats, and transports are supported. Orchestrate groups and de-duplicates identical individuals, providers, or clinical concepts and normalizes them into an analytically-ready dataset.


Disparate real-world data is collected and aggregated from varied source systems, formats, and transports.

Example data sets collectedExample data sets collected


Data is collected via Orchestrate  across delivery methods and different formats.

Aggregate—utilizes standard identifier types to align data


Orchestrate normalizes the data without human intervention.

Common Data Model

Standardization and harmonization of disparate data

Data from varied sources are harmonized and standardized automatically by Orchestrate; the enriched and analytically-ready data containers are accessible via multiple access paths, including FHIR standards-based API queries.

Organize & Standardize

Once data is aggregated and organized, Orchestrate powers data harmonization and standardization.

Common data model


Data from varied sources are standardized via Orchestrate using real-time, up-to-date, canonical definitions of code systems, value sets, and concept mappings.



Unstructured data is stacked, connected, and transformed into data pipelines and APIs.


How we catalyze and enable our client’s data use cases

CareEvolution’s cloud-native platform stacks, normalizes, and transforms unstructured data pipelines and data containers that feed multiple application use cases in both bulk and per person API-based queries.

Enrich & Transform

The enriched, harmonized data set is now available to power your ideas and bring clarity to your vision.

Harmonized data set

Enrich & Transform

Development platform flexibility: full-stack or self-service APIs population or patient-level insights


Enrich & Transform

Extensive data pipeline library fits into the infrastructure you choose.

Application use cases

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