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Identity Lite matches patient records in 2 simple steps:


Hash and blind the patient data


Match the blinded patient data

Key Features

  • Simple user experience

  • Usage based pricing

  • Patient data is blinded

While CareEvolution’s ‘Identity API’ traditionally services large scale patient populations, the same proven and trusted privacy preserving record linking (PPRL) technology is now available for smaller populations of less than 100,000 patients, at the click of a button.


Before matching patient records, Identity Lite performs an irreversible cryptographic hash operation on the demographic data. All matching processes use the hashed values, thus blinding the data. No hashed or unhashed data is stored.

CareEvolution’s Identity API and Identity Lite solutions enable companies to compliantly match patient data using PPRL technology. Try Identity Lite and start matching your patient records today.

Identity Lite supports up to 15,000 records via the web interface and up to 100,000 records via a command line.