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Adopting a modular approach to harmonize healthcare data across systems

From ViVE GoLive Webinar Series

The digitization of healthcare data at the point of care has accelerated since the HITECH Act was passed in 2009, and the Cures Act in 2016, unlocking a wealth of data available for applications and analytics. However, extracting value from this data requires refinement and enrichment—healthcare data is like ‘crude’ oil which must be refined through multiple steps before it can properly power consumer applications and outcomes that matter.

On May 3, 2023, in partnership with ViVe as part of their GoLive webinar series, CareEvolution’s Benjamin Berk and Jeffrey Van Laere presented:

  • The breadth of healthcare data now available for innovative use cases
  • How conversion, standardization, and classification is required to prepare raw data for use
  • How to navigate the landscape of potential solutions to manage data pipelines, including scalable APIs
  • How a modular approach can harmonize healthcare data across systems

They also gave examples of how modular API solutions have improved outcomes in research and analytics, risk adjustment, gaps in care, care management, value-based care and population health, innovative care models, and patient / clinician applications.

Watch the full webinar recording below!