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MyDataHelps How-To

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Survey Tips & Tricks

Are you a current MyDataHelps™ Designer user or interested in implementing a digital health platform in your research?

This how-to webinar session is focused on using the MyDataHelps Designer platform, diving into common use cases & steps through implementation.

In this session of the MyDataHelps™ How-To Series, users will learn to:

  1. Optimize surveys/eCOAs to reduce manual effort by importing pre-built surveys, leveraging participant-provided data for survey workflows, and better managing surveys.
  2. Incorporate novel interactions including active tasks (e.g., normalized reaction time, timed walk, etc.), YouTube videos, and your own custom survey steps.
  3. Implement survey best practices that lead to better participant engagement and more complete endpoint data collection.
  4. Thoroughly test surveys prior to deployment.

The CareEvolution team is hosting live webinar sessions focused on using the MyDataHelps Designer platform.

The goal of the MyDataHelps How-To series is to help our users succeed while introducing features and functionality. We will do a deep dive into the most common use cases, share solutions to frequently asked questions, and set our users up for success in using our platform.