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How can modular API solutions improve healthcare outcomes?

Adopting a modular approach to harmonize healthcare data across systems

On June 20, 2023, in partnership with MedCityNews, CareEvolution’s Benjamin Berk, MD, MS&E and Jeffrey Van Laere, MD, MPH presented on the regulatory changes that have led to an explosion in breadth of healthcare data available for innovative use cases. These data, including EMR data, claims, and patient-reported data, are now being used across the healthcare ecosystem by payors to health systems, health tech companies, and more.

They presented real world examples of how modular API solutions can quickly and cost efficiently convert, standardize, and classify raw data for use including:

  • Converting a sample of C-CDA documents to FHIR R4
  • Converting a sample of Hl7v2 messages to FHIR R4
  • Standardizing conditions to reference terminologies (SNOMED, ICD10, LOINC, and RxNorm)

And finally, these discussed how to create value from this new wealth of data across a range of applications, analytics, and use cases.

Watch the full webinar recording below!