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Kno2 and CareEvolution Unite To Spearhead the Next Era of Clinical Information Exchange

Pioneering Collaboration To Redefine Communication in Healthcare, Enabling Comprehensive Clinical Data Exchange of Enriched Longitudinal Patient Data

October 03, 2023 12:56 ET| Source: Kno2

BOISE, Idaho, Oct. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a bold move intended to accelerate the adoption of healthcare communication, industry leaders Kno2 and CareEvolution proudly announce a strategic partnership to revolutionize the exchange of clinical information.

Combining Kno2, the largest health information network, with CareEvolution’s data enrichment technology and state-of-the-art FHIR capabilities, the partnership will redefine how clinical information is shared and used at scale, further enabling Healthcare’s Digital Ecosystem. This collaboration bridges the gap between comprehensive data exchange and customizable communication, addressing the need for a more streamlined, efficient, and targeted approach to healthcare information exchange that delivers enriched, ‘decision ready’ clinical information when and where you want it.

By integrating CareEvolution’s innovative data technologies into Kno2’s communication platform, health information technology (HIT) platforms, from EHRs to digital health solutions, can quickly assimilate and use discrete, harmonized, and enriched patient information. This accelerates HIT vendors time-to-market, and empowers healthcare providers to access, share, and utilize relevant and critical patient data.

“By uniting the strengths of Kno2 and CareEvolution, we are leading the future of healthcare communication and accelerating our evolution from a great technology company to a meaningful and impactful technology company.”

Jon Elwell,,
CEO of Kno2

“Our vision is to democratize clinical data exchange to empower healthcare professionals with clinical information at the point of care for informed decision-making, enhancing patient safety, improving operational efficiency and clinical outcomes, truly enabling collaborative care,” said Kno2’s Chief Health Office, Dr. Peter Schoch. “Being Kno2 ConnectedTM – now more than ever – gives healthcare organizations the freedom to unlock their potential.”

The impact of the partnership will be felt immediately through data technologies that bring elegant answers to data usability challenges felt by most technology vendors and providers. Kno2 and CareEvolution will quickly expand the partnership through focused offerings to critical audiences, including post-acute and emergency medical services. In addition, with a shift to home-based services in healthcare, Kno2 will expand its network to include patient generated and reported data from wearables and other devices through integration with CareEvolution’s MyDataHelps technology, seizing the opportunity to access and distill patient reported/generated data as never before.

“The explosion of data liquidity has created the unintended consequence of simply moving more data faster, putting a burden of high cost and inefficiency on those that need data to be trusted, harmonized and ‘decision ready,’ … Our collaboration with Kno2 will refine the quality and usability of clinical information that flows across the rapidly growing healthcare digital ecosystem.

Together, we’re reshaping communication norms and providing healthcare professionals with tools to facilitate trusted, data-driven care delivery to elevate patient outcomes and enable providers to practice at the top of their license.”

Trent Gavazzi,
Principal at CareEvolution

As an applicant QHIN, this partnership will accelerate Kno2’s already differentiated Communication API, making it easier to use and get exactly what is needed at the point of care to drive real transformation clinically and operationally.

In a rapidly evolving healthcare industry, the strategic partnership between Kno2 and CareEvolution demonstrates the profound impact of innovation and shared commitment to improving provider experience, transforming care delivery, advancing new care models, and improving patient outcomes. These visionary organizations are ushering in an era where stateless, usable, targeted, and on-demand data is the new norm. This visionary journey continues towards the true democratization of clinical data to empower every clinician, in any care setting, to evolve and transform our healthcare system.

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