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CareEvolution at HLTH 2023

Notable sessions to attend at HLTH 2023

We’re coming up quickly on HLTH 2023. With AI trending this year, it’s no surprise the topic is heavily featured in this year’s agenda. While advancements in AI and their potential to transform healthcare are exciting, this year’s conference also features many sessions covering other burgeoning and transformative aspects of digital health, clinical trials, and healthcare technology. 

As a health technology company working to propel innovation through the aggregation, cleansing, and uplifting of data for numerous advanced applications, we’ve highlighted the sessions we’re particularly excited to attend at HTLH 2023:


Equity by Design

1:10 PM—1:50 PM PDT

Women, rural residents, and minority populations are significantly underrepresented in clinical trials. But leveraging AI for matching participant demographics and a diversity action plan can increase representation of these populations. This session explores how health leaders are inventing equity solutions through technology, internal initiatives, and partnerships.

Speakers: Nicholas St. Fleur, Science Journalist, STAT; Dr. John Wigneswaran, SVP and CMO, Walmart; Hadas Bitran, Partner Group Manager, Microsoft Corporation; Liz Beatty, CSO, Inato; Reshema Kemps-Polanco, EVP and US Head, Novartis Oncology.

The Mind-Bending Journey of Psychedelic Medicine

2:00 PM—2:40 PM PDT

Psychedelic compounds offer a promising approach to transform treatment for mental illness and have shown impressive results in clinical trials. This session explores how these substances could redefine medicine and replace standard of care in mental health therapy.

Speakers: Lynn Marie Morski, MD, JD, President, Psychedelic Medicine Association; Taylor Majewski, Journalist, MIT Tech Review; Marcus Capone, CEO, TARA Mind; Noah Craft MD PhD, Co-CEO, People Science; Sherry Rais, CEO, Enthea.

Short on Staff, High on Tech

2:50 PM—3:30 PM PDT

The healthcare industry faces substantial staffing shortages and burnout, with over 600,000 estimated to leave the profession by 2027. AI and automation has the potential to help bridge this gap by streamlining administrative tasks and freeing up time for overburdened workers. This session explores how such technologies might augment many healthcare hours, offering some relief to the overburdened workforce.

Speakers: Gretchen Berlin, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company; Angela Shippy, MD, Senior Physician Executive, AWS; Robert Musslewhite, CEO, Definitive Healthcare; Shaun Miller MD, CMIO, Cedars Sinai; Trish Gallagher, RN, MSHS, MUSC Health.


Health Policy Past its Expiration Date

11:50 AM—12:30 PM PDT

Outdated healthcare policies like HIPAA and CPT code processes need revisiting. This session explores how tech-friendly and adaptable policies could lead to a transformative shift for a more agile, equitable, and innovative healthcare system.

Speakers: Meghan Dierks MD, CDO, Komodo Health; Rodrigo Cerdá, M.D., SVP and CMO, Independence Blue Cross; Victor Bultó, President, Novartis.

Curious how to be HIPAA-compliant while maximizing data interoperability? Discover more.

The Wellness Consolidators

11:50 AM—12:30 PM PDT

The consumer wellness market is growing, with consumers seeking personalized health solutions that eschew the sick care system of health. The session will cover what consumer industry giants look for in wellness solutions and which segments excite them the most.

Speakers: Whitney Casey, Partner, L Catterton; Jostein Solheim, CEO, Unilever; Manoj Raghunandanan, Global Head, Kenvue; Michelle Carnahan, President, Thirty Madison.

Learn how the All of Us Research Program consolidated participants’ digital biomarkers, EHR data, and surveys all in one platform.


Healthcare, Policy and Advocacy Walk into a Bar

11:00 AM—11:40 AM PDT

Healthcare issues like the COVID-19 vaccines and abortion rights are becoming politicized, prompting grassroots advocacy to push for change. This session will explore how collaboration between private industries and advocacy groups can lead to advanced patient care.

Speakers: Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD, Vice Provost, University of Pennsylvania; Deborah Glasser, Head of Vaccines, Sanofi U.S.; Eric Cioè-Peña, MD, MPH, VP of Global Health, Northwell Health; Kimberly Smith, MD, MPH, CSO, ViiV Healthcare.

Pillow Talk

1:20 PM—2:00 PM PDT

The importance of sleep and its impact on overall well-being are paramount. This session will explore how wearable technology can deepen our understanding of sleep patterns & pathologies and why addressing the root causes of poor sleep is critical.

Speakers: Eurie Kim, Partner, Forerunner; Jenna Carl, CMO, Big Health; Jonathon Lobbins, CEO, Primasun; Rebecca Robbins, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School; Shyamal Patel, Head of Science, ŌURA.

Learn how Scripps is leveraging wearables in their REFRESH study.

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