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CareEvolution® for life insurance:

Technology supporting underwriters’ medical record reviews

The explosion in data liquidity is creating an opportunity and challenge for life insurance underwriting. While the opportunity to gain access to critical medical records is becoming easier, harmonizing and uplifting that data for efficient decision making continues to be a challenge for underwriters.

When life insurance companies review applicant health information they often have to review hundreds of pages of electronic health records. Scrolling through these pages to manually locate what they’re looking for takes an unnecessary amount of time and means things can easily get missed. With the increase in clinical data becoming digitally available thanks to federal regulations promoting health information liquidity, underwriters often experience difficulties with format conversion, deduplication, document merging, and reconciliation of the many health data files per patient it receives from multiple sources.

There is also unfortunately a cost barrier from technology-enabled service providers that has made uplifted, harmonized data expensive and available at a “premium”. CareEvolution® believes that “premium” data should be the standard across the entire digital healthcare ecosystem and that true software solutions are able to offer pricing that can scale across all use cases, with short time to implementation of less than one week.

CareEvolution’s innovative solutions for life insurance underwriters make analyzing medical records faster and more efficient.

How it works

Life insurance underwriting use case diagram


With our modern software designed to enhance underwriting efficiency, underwriting and claims teams can view a consistent, consolidated summary of many separate files and formats from distinct sources, highlighting key conditions, medications, and other clinically relevant information. Together this results in:

  • Drastically reduced time required to understand an applicant’s health history,
  • Accelerated underwriting and claims workflows,
  • Improved accuracy in claims management and reduced errors.

CareEvolution’s technology offers a 360-degree view of a patient: make medical record reviews faster and more efficient.

By consolidating, deduping, and cleaning medical records, CareEvolution’s technology delivers enriched healthcare datasets, allowing for an accurate and easy-to-view applicant record, with data made available for analysis. Life insurance companies can integrate our cost efficient software into existing workflows to reduce the time and expense of reviewing medical records, and dramatically reduce page counts, using our API technology that can be implemented in days.


Data Consolidation

Ingestion of data from aggregators and insure tech vendors to a single person record

Uplift arrow

Uplifted Clinical &
Claims Data

Harmonization of clinical and claims data to create a single person record

document review

Underwriting Viewer

Standardized output so underwriters know where to look. User interface designed for life insurance underwriting workflow

Try the Convert API and start uplifting your healthcare data today.

About CareEvolution

CareEvolution’s software has been used for nearly 20 years to make patient data usable for health plans, health systems, clinical trials, and health information technology companies—harmonizing billions of patient records across the entire healthcare ecosystem. CareEvolution’s Orchestrate application programming interfaces (APIs) provide a uniform way for patients and clinicians to access health data using the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard.