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From powering digital healthcare research to assembling lifetime person records, CareEvolution’s data products have a broad range of applications. Our tools help our partners reach more patients, research better, and plan for a healthier future.


Your one-stop digital research platform

Maximize participant access to your next clinical trial or research study with MyDataHelps™. Design and launch your study in a matter of hours. No code needed. Recruit anywhere. Easily enable wearable and sensor data collection. Engage participants with biofeedback alerts and smart notifications. Deliver test kits for biomarker collection. Collect participant EHRs and claims data for a fuller picture. Then securely manage all of your participant data in one interoperable FISMA-compliant location.

See MyDataHelps in action:

  • 2M+ Research & public health participants
  • 200K+ Wearables / devices connected
  • 55K+ EHRs connected

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Setting the bar for good data

Write health apps or run public health analytics using cleansed, consistent data. Convert among formats including HL7, C-CDA, and FHIR. Translate terms, even free-text and unstructured data, to industry standard code systems and value sets such as ICD-10-CM, SNOMED, LOINC, RxNorm, NDC, etc. And enrich data with key insights such as risk stratification, condition profiles, and gaps in care.

  • 95% of files saw code uplift
  • 40+% average increase in standardized codes
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Privacy-preserving record linkage

Identity links an individual’s records from disparate sources together in a privacy-preserving manner, even when the source information is messy and inconsistent. Because it only operates on hashed data, personally identifiable information never has to leave your system. Secure, reliable, and highly specific, it’s the key to building a lifetime person record you can trust.

  • 200M+ Patient records
  • 99.9% Specificity

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Don’t take our word for it. Hear from health innovators themselves.

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Director, National Institutes of Health

Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D

On using MDH for at-home COVID-19 self-testing: “We hope to gain foundational data that can guide how communities can use self-administered tests to mitigate viral transmission during this and future pandemics.”


Trinity Health

On enabling people-centered care at Trinity Health: “We are working with CareEvolution® to enable more people to connect at their convenience with their care providers.”

Why CareEvolution®?

Shaping a healthier future for everyone isn’t rocket science—it’s as simple as connecting and improving data that already exist.

Today, we’re tracking our health in so many ways. From wearables to clinics to hospitals—we’re generating insightful data that can be used to improve our care journey. But that data is trapped inside disconnected systems, leaving a wealth of information just out of reach. At CareEvolution®, we build tools to surface that data and combine it. Whether you’re a researcher, a clinician, or an innovator building new ways to deliver care, our tools will help you take your ideas further. Together with our partners, we’re challenging the status quo—not by reinventing the system, but by improving it.