We are small. We believe that a small team of motivated high achievers can accomplish great, meaningful work. We hire smart people with good judgment who listen intently and communicate respectfully. Our people are intelligent, competent, autonomous, focused, creative, kind, and humble. They are curious, always interested in understanding the problem before identifying the solution—and always committed to fixing healthcare.

Our culture promotes innovation and empowers our people to be as effective as they can be.

We believe in work/life fusion—one inseparable continuum where work exists to serve your (and your family’s) needs, not the other way around.

Our Culture at-a-glance

  • No reporting hierarchy.
  • No titles or defined roles. We have malleable responsibilities (e.g., dev, devops, and implementation).
  • “Management” is not a title, role, or credential; it’s an activity performed by everyone. We’re all managers.
  • No formal reviews.
  • No time tracking. We focus on effectiveness. There is a correlation between effectiveness and hours * worked, but it isn’t necessarily linear. We don’t expect or condone 80-hour workweeks.
  • No vacation policy, expense policy, etc.
  • Work from anywhere. No corporate HQ, but we have an office in downtown Ann Arbor (and a small office in the Chicago area) people are welcome to visit when they want in-person time with their team.
  • Well-established coding standards, code review standards, and release processes.
  • Processes only when they serve the needs of the individual.
  • Extremely selective when it comes to clients.
  • Hyper-focused on fixing healthcare.

To learn more about our culture, you can watch our principal, Vik Kheterpal, present CareEvolution: Building a Company through Ambiguity, Judgment, Trust, and WorkLife Fusion.

You can also check out our Freedom and Responsibility Culture Guide, which is the closest thing we have to corporate policy.